Burly's Takeout came to fruition as a late stage pandemic pivot move by Burly Beverages. We purchased a canning machine to launch our Super Spicy Ginger Beer into the aether... but, then Mr. Burly started getting ideas. What else could we put in those cans? 

Turns out, just about anything. So he wanted to open up as a ready made, soda cannery... but, how to get folks to come out for JUST soda? That's where Hello Homie Foods and Pie Flavored Pie come in to play.

Mr. Burly has known Estrella of Pie Flavored Pie for some time, and if you've ever attended our Burly Backyard BBQ series, you're probably familiar with her particular brand of genius. Bringing her on to the Burly's Takeout team was easy as... you guessed it... PIE.

Lani of Hello Homie Foods approached Mr. Burly a couple of months before he was ready to launch Burly's Takeout and he was still looking for a legit food option to add to the program. Lani had been feeding her homies (hence the name) thru the pandemic with her soups and treats. But, she reached a growth point that her home kitchen could no longer facilitate. She brought Mr. Burly some Irish Stew to to try when she came to meet to discuss renting the kitchen and BOOM! Soup flavored fireworks! They've been thick as thieves ever since! 

So, soups, pies & bubbly treats is RIGHT! We're doing what we're good at and y'all get to reap the benefits. Tasty things for everyone!!!

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